Readers Impression

Readers Impression

Language Use and Conventions


Your use of language is the first and only impression your readers have of you as a writer. It’s important to be very careful so that your ideas don’t get lost in a sea of distracting errors.

Read Language Use and Conventions. Then apply what you read to correct the following sentences.

  • _ (Your/You’re) so lazy,” Okonkwo told Nwoye. “I’m ashamed you are my son.”
  • Okonkwo believed that the tribe had lost _ (it’s/its) ferocity and strength.
  • “Look over (there/their/ they’re)!” said Obierika. “ (There/Their/They’re) about to attack.”
  • Angry and violent, Ekwefi feared Okonkwo would hit her.
  • Thinking about everything that had happened in Umuofia, exile seemed very long to Okonkwo.
  • Each member of Okonkwo’s family did their part to prepare for the feast.
  • Okonkwo thought that his daughter should of been a boy.

Open Notebook

Review your responses with your classmates.

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