Immigration Policy Fact Sheet

U.S. Immigration System Jigsaw

Work Time

For this jigsaw activity, you will read one section of a text on the U.S. immigration system, teach others about it, and hear about what others have learned.

With the help of your teacher, form “home” groups. In your home group, count off from 1 to 5. Your number will determine your “expert” group.

  • Group 1: “I. Family-Based Immigration”
  • Group 2: “II. Employment Based Immigration”
  • Group 3: “III. Refugees and Asylees”
  • Group 4: “IV. Other Forms of Humanitarian Relief”
  • Group 5: “V. U.S. Citizenship” and the first paragraph of the text

To find the text, go to the Immigration Policy Center’s homepage, Then search for “How the United States Immigration System Works: A Fact Sheet.”

  • Silently and individually read and take notes on your assigned section.

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