Project Planning Updates

Project Planning Updates

Project Work Goals


Review your planning documents and the Work Time options.

  • Option 1 :Writing . Do you still need to work on your written chapter? Do you have an additional written chapter you would like to include (this could be prose, poetry, song lyrics, and so on)? Do you need to add additional artifacts to your work? You may spend this time working on your writing.
  • Option 2 :Editing . Do you want to refine work you have already written? You may spend this time editing and revising your work.
  • Option 3 :Multimedia Editing . Do you have photographs, slideshows, video, or audio that you need to edit for inclusion in your self-portrait? You may spend this time editing these files.
  • Option 4 :Research and Gathering . Do you have to do any research or find resources for your self-portrait? Think about artifacts you may wish to include: videos, links to news articles, locations for maps, etc. You may spend this time finding and documenting these resources.
  • Option 5 :Other? What other tasks do you have to accomplish? Do you have to draw or otherwise create images for your self-portrait? Do you have to transcribe any interviews you conducted? Do you have to record an audio version of a written chapter?
  • Decide what you will be doing, set your goals for the Work Time, and share your plan with your teacher.

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