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What Is a Gallery?


What Is a Gallery?

During Gallery lessons, you will be working independently, with a partner, or with your teacher.

  • You might be working with your teacher to review concepts introduced in the unit.
  • You might be working on a Gallery problem.

Gallery problems give you a chance to work on different kinds of problems.

  • You choose which problems to solve.
  • You decide when you are ready to share your work.
  • You might present your work to the class.


  • What things should you consider when choosing a Gallery problem?

Here are ideas of things to consider when choosing a problem:

  • Look at each problem before choosing one.
  • Use your understanding of the unit’s math to help you decide on a problem.
    —If you are confused or unsure, pick an easy problem.
    —If you understand the content okay, pick a medium or a difficult problem.
    —If you understand the content very well, pick a very difficult problem.
  • Choose the problem you find most interesting.
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