Whole Number Division

Whole Number Division

Compare Mia’s Methods


Compare Mia’s Methods

Emma runs on a 14-mile track to train for a marathon. Yesterday Emma ran a total of 3 miles. How many times did she run around the track?

Mia decides to solve this problem using a model similar to the one she used to find 89÷4 in the previous lesson.

She reasons:

“I need to find the number of 14 miles in 3 miles. So, I need to find 3 ÷ 14.

“To make a model of this situation, I can draw a bar for each whole mile and then divide each bar into fourths.

“There are 12 fourths in all, so 3 ÷ 14 = 12. Emma ran around the track 12 times.”

  • Discuss Mia’s solution. How is her approach similar to the one she used to find 89÷4? How is it different?

Divide 3 Wholes

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