The Standard Long-Division Algorithm

Solve Real-World Division Problems

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Solve Real-World Division Problems

Choose one of the following problems. Solve the problem and show your work.

  • Twelve friends went on a camping trip. The total cost for the campsite, food, supplies, and gas was $693. If the friends split the cost evenly, how much did each person pay?
  • The student council is planning a school sweatshirt sale. The council members found a supplier who charges $12 per sweatshirt, but they have to pay the money up front. If they have $693, how many sweatshirts can they buy?
  • Each cabin at a summer camp can hold 12 campers. If 693 students sign up for the camp, how many cabins will be needed?
  • An employee at a bakery packaged 693 scones in boxes that each hold 12 scones. Her boss told her that she could keep any extra scones for herself. How many scones did the employee get to keep?

Ask yourself:

  • Camping Trip Problem: How can you represent the amount left over in this situation?
  • Sweatshirt Problem: Can you buy a fraction of a sweatshirt?
  • Cabin Problem: Where will the “leftover” campers sleep?
  • Bakery Problem: Will the answer be the number of boxes the employee packed or the number of scones left over?


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