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Revise Your Work

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Revise Your Work

Work with your partner. Revise your work on the Self Check based on the questions from the Opening and feedback from your partner.

Jan makes and sells beanbag animals. Her most popular animal is her beanbag elephant.

  • For each elephant, she uses 13 yard of gray fabric, 134 pounds of dried beans, and a pair of plastic eyes.
  • Fabric costs $3 per yard, beans cost $1 per pound, and plastic eyes cost $0.89 per pair.
  • She sells each elephant for $17.20.

Show all of your work.

  1. Jan has 423 yards of gray fabric. How many elephants can she make?
  2. Jan has 28 pounds of dried beans. Does she have enough beans to stuff all of the elephants that she made with the fabric?
  3. Jan spends $22.25 on plastic eyes. How many pairs did she buy? Is this enough for all of the elephants she stuffed?
  4. After subtracting the cost of the materials that she used to make the elephants, how much money will Jan earn if she sells all of the elephants?

If you get confused about what operation to use, think about a simpler version of the problem in which all the numbers are whole numbers.

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