Balance Scale As A Mathematical Model

Develop a Strategy

Work Time

Develop a Strategy

Think back to the problem you just discussed:

Suppose you have 12 coins, and one of the coins is counterfeit. You have a balance scale, and you know that the counterfeit coin weighs less than the other coins.

  • Using the Balance Scale Game interactive, develop a strategy for finding the counterfeit coin.

Challenge Problem

In another group of 12 coins, there are 2 counterfeit coins that are lighter than the rest.

  • How will you have to adjust your strategy to find the 2 counterfeit coins?
  • Use the Balance Scale interactive to find the 2 counterfeit coins.

INTERACTIVE: Balance Scale Game


Suppose you have 6 coins on each side of the balance scale and the left side is heavier. What does this situation tell you?

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