Inequality Statements Including Variables

Write and Interpret Inequalities

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Write and Interpret Inequalities

Represent each situation below with an inequality that includes a variable.

For each situation, give three numbers that solve the inequality.

  1. To ride the roller coaster, a rider must be at least 54 inches tall. (Use h to represent the height in inches of a rider.)
  2. The most you can spend on a movie and popcorn is $8.00.
  3. To run for sheriff, you must be at least 30 years old.
  4. Water freezes at a temperature of 32°F or below.
  5. Martin scored more than 300 points in the game.


  • Roller coaster problem: Can the height (h) be equal to 54 when the problem says “at least” 54 inches?
  • Movie problem: Let d represent the amount you can spend in dollars.
  • Sheriff problem: Choose a variable to represent the age in years.
  • Water temperature problem: Choose a variable to represent the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Game problem: Could Martin have scored exactly 300 points?
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