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Expressions Game

Play the Expressions Game with a partner. Here are the rules.

  • The first partner writes an expression following the guidelines below, but does not let the second partner see the expression. Expressions can have:
    • From one to three terms
    • One or two variables
    • Whole numbers less than 10
    • Exponents to the third power or less
  • The second partner asks questions to try to figure out what the expression is. Write down the questions that are asked, as you will need them for your presentation.
  • After the second partner figures out the expression, switch roles and play the game again using a different expression.


  • For the partner writing the expression: Does your expression meet the guidelines? Revise your expression if needed.
  • For the partner guessing the expression: Think about the vocabulary words you learned in the video. How can you use these words to ask helpful questions?
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