The Relationship Between Size & Price

Compare Gummy Bears

Work Time

Compare Gummy Bears

Consider the first question: How many Mini Bears would you have to eat in order to eat the equivalent of 1 Super Bear?

Watch the videos.

  • Make note of any information in the videos that can help you solve this question.
  • Then use the problem-solving process to answer the question. You can approach this as a series of steps:
    • Understand the situation.
    • Represent the situation.
    • Answer questions about the situation.
    • Check that your answer makes sense.

VIDEO: Mini Gummy Bears

VIDEO: Super Bear


  • Use ratios to help you organize the information from the videos. Be sure to include the appropriate units.
  • How can you use ratios to write and solve proportions?
  • Follow the steps in the problem-solving process to ensure that your solution is complete.
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