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Analyze My Data

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Analyze My Data

Now that you have a set of data, you can create a line plot to help you analyze the data.

  • Draw a line plot from your set of data.
  • Find the following measures for your set of data:
    • Mean
    • Median
    • Range
    • Outlier(s)
    • MAD (if you don’t have time to calculate it, make an estimate)
  • What do you think is typical for your set of data? Why?
  • What is your smallest and largest number?
  • What is the range of your data?
  • Are your tick marks evenly incremented?
  • What range of numbers do you want to display on your line plot?

INTERACTIVE: Line Plot with Stats


  • Consider the shape of your line plot. Do most of the data cluster around the mean? (If so, could the mean be typical?)
  • Is the data spread out over a wide range? (If so, could the median be typical?)
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