Book Nook Book Report

Book Nook Book Report

Teacher Directions

To be completed after you have finished reading your assigned AR book with your group:

1.  Using the LEGO kit provided to you, design and build three scenes from your book.  Each person should build one scence illustrating the beginning, middle and end of the book.

2.  Using your Chromebook and the background paper provided, take a picture of each scene and save it in your Google Slide presentation. You may add dialogue if you want.

3.  Then write a brief summary for each part of the book that goes along with each slide.  Each person should type of summary.

4.  Together as a group, type a one paragraph book review of the book.  Include whether or not you would recommend this book to another student at our school.

5. As a group, practice reading the script of your slide presentation.  Make sure you don't have any spelling or grammar errors.

6.  Follow the teacher's direction to record yourselves on Screencastify.

7.  Follow the rubic given to you, and submit your project to Book Nook.

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