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Career Engineer Ohio
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Engineering Your Future

Engineering Your Future


As middle school students begin weighing their future career options, engineering may be one that they consider.  This lesson plan allows those students to look at the four main types of engineering as well as some of the subgroups.  Students will research what each type of engineer does then narrow the focus to a type of engineering that interests them most.  They will explore engineering job opportunities in Ohio in the engineering field of their choice. All of the information they discover will be documented in a presentation that can be shared with others.

Pre-assessment of Career Interest

Have students take both the Career Profile  and Career Cluster Inventory to get two different measures of career interest.

Have them compare the results from both.  Have them list their strength areas that were evident in both inventories.  Have them also list any results that only showed up on one inventory but are of interest to them. 

Go to Career Profile  and complete the activity to get a better idea of careers that match your interests.

Once you have completed that assessment, go to Career Cluster Inventory and complete the activity.

Compare the results from both.  Did you find you had similar strength areas from both tools?  Were there any surprises?

What does an engineer do?

*****Although there may be students in my class that didn't have an interest in Engineering, I want my students to explore engineering because of the nature of my classes ( science/ STEM) .  I will add the software and computer engineers to my list of engineers to explore. If they are not intersted in Engineering as a career, I at least want them informed because they may be working with engineers in some capacity in the future. 


Show or have students watch the Crash Course video -

  What is Engineering?: Crash Course Engineering #1

Encourage the students to actively watch this video by taking notes about each type of engineer.


**If you wish to expand the types of engineers that the students can choose from, you can also add

Choose the program you wish the students to use for the activity.  Prezi would work great for this activity.  Any of the slideshop programs (Slides, Powerpoint, Keynote) would also work.


Assist the students as needed in summarizing and organizing the information about the different types of engineers in their programs.

Either individually or as a class watch

  What is Engineering?: Crash Course Engineering #1

While watching:

  • Listen for information about:
    • Civil Engineers
    • Chemical Engineers
    • Mechanical Engineers
    • Electrical Engineers
    • Industrial Engineers
  • Jot down what each is and in general what they do.


Decide which type of engineering is most interesting to you. 

**Your teacher may add additional types of engineers to this list, so check to see if there are additional types of engineers that he/she would like you to also explore.


Create a Prezi or Powerpoint/Keynote/Slides

  1. Create a title/title slide
  2. Create a bubble or slide for each type of engineering your teacher assigns
  • Name the type of engineering
  • In your own words, describe what that type of engineer does
  • Find a public domain picture (pixabay, pixels, unsplash, Google (filtered through the program) to represent that type of engineer
  • (extension- link or embed a video to describe each type)


What kinds of engineers are there?

Allow students to access and watch the video that matches their engineering choice. 

Share the following links (or others you find) with them if you want to expand the types of engineers


The videos are avaliable in the InfOhio Educator Resources area or can be reached by the direct links in the student directions.

Circulate to make sure the students are able to organize and add the additional information to their presentation.

Now that you know the 4 basic types of engineers, watch the corresponding Crash Course video for the type of Engineering you find most interesting.

Identify 3 types of jobs that would be filled by that type of engineer.

You may also visit Mapping Your Future  to find out more about the different types of engineering.


  • Move the slide or bubble of the type of engineer you chose to the end or side of your presentation.
  • Add 3 slides or bubbles - one for each of the three jobs you found in the video that that type of engineer could hold 
    • Include information on
      • what they would create/do
      • how it creates a positive impact on the world
      • include a picture to represent this job
      • any additional information relevant to the position

Is engineering right for me?

Help students navigate through the Ohio Means Jobs website to find the appropriate jobs to investigate.  Ohio Means Jobs can be accessed through InfOhio or the students are provided with a direct link.


If needed, help students take a screenshot and upload to their project. 

They may also need some direction organizing the information requested on the slide/bubble.  Using the 2 box slide or creating a separate bubble may be an option to suggest.


For each of the three types of jobs represented by your chosen type of engineering, use the Ohio Means Jobs site to find that job.  If you are not able to find that particular job, use the main engineering type (ex. electrical, mechanical) instead

Click on three of the jobs listed that would be filled by that type of engineer (ex. Aerospace Engineer).


For each of the three jobs you explore:

  • Take a screenshot of the job listing
  • Put the screenshot on the slide/bubble
  • Highlight/create a notation that includes
    • Job description
    • Education level
    • Salary range
    • Location of job in Ohio
    • Additional certifications or licenses
    • (Any interesting addtional information)
  • Create an additional reflection slide/bubble
    • Which job interested you the most
    • Why?
  • Create a citation slide/bubble

Wrap up

Allow the students to share their findings with other students, parents or community members.  This would be a good time to talk about the job opportunities that exist in Ohio for various types of engineering jobs.

Have students add to career exploration portfolio.  If they do not have one, this may be a good time to create a Google folder or some type of storage space to collect career exploration artifacts.  If you are using Schoology, there is a built in portfolio option.

Share your presentation with others and compare the types of opportunities that you found.  

Add to your career exploration portfolio