Unit 4 Revolution

Unit Description

People often say that mankind should learn from history. Charles Dickens, whose books are considered classics, set his novel A Tale of Two Cities in the past. He wanted his readers to learn from the bloody French Revolution and from the widespread brutality in London. Both cities (Paris and London) offer the reader a glimpse into dark and dangerous times. As you read about Dickens's Victorian setting and learn his view of the French Revolution, you will think about what makes a just world. You will have a chance to think about your own experiences, and, using techniques you have learned from Charles Dickens, you will do some writing that sends a message about your own world.

Close reading of the unit texts will help you answer these Guiding Questions:

  • How does good storytelling affect the reader, and how can a good story promote change in the world?
  • What was the Victorian view of gender roles?
  • How can power be abused?
  • What is loyalty ? What are the limits of loyalty?

Lesson Sets