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OETC_ Technology Tools Supporting Differentiation in the Classroom

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Differentiating for our gifted students--and indeed, for all students--can feel challenging and time-consuming, but technology can help us work more efficiently, providing structure and support for students at the depth and complexity they need. This hands-on session shares ways we can utilize apps, web sites, and tools to efficiently, effectively provided differentiated learning activities and experiences for our students. Participants will use tools such as Nearpod, Padlet, and TES Blendspace as we look at how technology resources can support tiered activities, learning contracts, and menus. The session also explores how learning management systems can support differentiation. Next, we look at how formative assessment tools like Edulastic and Edcite can support decision-making around differentiation and also provide differentiated assessments. Finally, we look at how the resources and tools available through Infohio can make preparing differentiated lessons and activities simpler for us as educators. Through hands-on exploration, partner and small group discussion, and whole-group sharing, we will come away with ideas and strategies to help us more efficiently and effectively address the wide range of strengths and needs in our classrooms

Material Type: Teaching/Learning Strategy

Author: Infohio