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Build Your Own Standards-Aligned Digital Curriculum . . . for Free!

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Presentation delivered at OETC20. Are you using textbooks that are more than 10 years old? Are you spending your weekend scouring the web for free instructional materials? When it comes to supplementing or building curriculum using Open Educational Resources, the challenges are many. With INFOhio, finding teacher-approved digital resources that you can use for free to build or supplement your curriculum is quick and easy. In this session, you'll dig into INFOhio's OER tools and the high-quality digital resources that INFOhio has licensed for all Ohio PreK-12 students, educators, and their parents. Using INFOhio's Educator Tools, which now includes over 70,000 lesson plans, assessments, and other instructional materials curated by education professionals, you will build a personal collection of standards-aligned lessons, labs, and other activities. Then you'll use ISearch to discover a wealth of digital content--including texts, videos, images, and more--that you can upload to your learning management system for student use. Take back your weekend by building your own standards-aligned digital curriculum for free with INFOhio's Open Educational Resources.

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