Analyzing Character Perception



Complete a Quick Write. You do not have to try to answer every question. Rather, you should answer the ones you feel most strongly about.

  • If you were going to describe your community to someone who was not familiar with it, what details would you share?
  • Think about the things you take for granted, but someone else might not know: how does a person earn respect—through athletic prowess, academic success, kindness, accumulation of wealth, something entirely different?
  • What does it mean to succeed? Does “success” mean something different for men versus women?
  • How do children interact with their parents? With their friends?
  • How does the community react when something bad happens, or celebrate when something good happens?
  • How does a person know that he or she is part of this community?

Open Notebook

Share your work and your response with your classmates. What defines a community?