Analyzing Character Traits

Things Fall Apart, Chapters 3 and 4

Work Time

With your group, review Chapters 3 and 4 of Things Fall Apart , looking for details about Okonkwo. Does he have the potential to be a tragic hero? Look for quotations that reveal his heroic side, as well as his flaws. You may want to follow the following steps in your group.

  • Review and summarize the chapters you read for homework. Make sure everyone understands the basic events.
  • Clarify any parts of the reading that were confusing and answer any questions that anyone had.
  • Create a Dialetical Journal #2 in your notebook.
  • Split up the reading and look for quotations that reveal key details or characteristics of Okonkwo. Each member of the group is responsible for a Dialectical Journal entry with at least three quotations.
  • Discuss your findings together, sharing what you found, and come up with an overall summary of your understanding of Okonkwo’s character to this point.
  • What would (or does) your character think of Okonkwo? Look at the quotations that your group found for clues. Together, select one to three quotations that you think best reveal a side to Okonkwo that your character might care about. This will help you with your Closing writing.

Share your insights with the class.