Examinaning Gender Roles

Things Fall Apart, Chapters 5 and 6

Work Time

With your group, continue looking in Chapters 5 and 6 of Things Fall Apart for clues about gender roles in Umuofian society. You may want to follow these steps in your group.

  • Review and summarize the chapters you read for homework. Make sure everyone understands the basic events.
  • Clarify any parts of the reading that were confusing and answer any questions that anyone had.
  • Split up the reading and look for quotations that reveal key details about gender expectations in Umuofia. Continue the note taking pattern you began with your teacher, listing clues that show expectations about masculinity, clues that show expectations about femininity, and examples of people acting against these expectations.
  • Create a Dialectical Journal #3 in your notebook.
  • Each member of the group is responsible for a Dialectical Journal entry about gender roles in Umuofian society. Find and analyze at least three quotations.
  • Discuss your findings together, sharing what you found and coming up with an overall summary of your understanding of gender roles and expectations in Umuofia.
  • What would (or does) your character think of these expectations? As a group, choose at least two quotations that help you understand how your character would see gender expectations.

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