Exploring The Impact Of Colonialism

Found Poem

Work Time

Create a found poem about self-esteem and colonialism in Umuofia, using Okonkwo and the Igbo people as your inspiration. Use the language of Achebe’s Things Fall Apart as your words. The following instructions describe how the task works.

  • Look through Chapters 14 and 15 of Things Fall Apart, selecting words and phrases that stand out to you as particularly interesting, evocative, melodious, or meaningful.
  • Combine the words and phrases you found into a poem that says something about the effect of colonialism on the people involved with it: think about their self-esteem, their connection to their heritage, their beliefs about the future, their perceptions of the outside world, and so on. You may want to consider creating a strong speaker whose point of view you express, or even writing with the voice of two different speakers.
  • Every word in your poem must come from the text, but it does not need to be in the same order that it appears in the book. Be creative!

Open Notebook

Share your finished poem with your teacher and classmates. Then read through some of your classmates’ poems.

  • What do you notice about your classmates’ work? Are there themes that are repeated, or phrases that seem to occur again and again?
  • What do these poems show you about identity, self-esteem, and visions of colonialism in Umuofia?