A Debate On Perspectives

A Debate On Perspectives

Discussion Goals


Think back to the previous discussion you and your classmates had in Lesson 11 about Umuofian society.

  • What did you do well? What could be improved?

Open Notebook

Share your responses with your classmates, and together, set a few goals for this lesson’s discussion.

Look at the Grade 12 Discussion Rubric to help you frame your goals.

Discussion Preparation

Work Time

Go over Discussion Preparation 2 with your teacher and ask any questions you have. Then, prepare for the discussion with your character group members. Discussion Preparation 2 contains questions you may analyze in the second class discussion. For each question, write your answer from the point of view of your character . Then decide how you will back up your viewpoint. What evidence (quotations) can you find in the novel to support your character's opinion? Finally, think about possible counterarguments: things others might say to refute your points. How would your character respond to these counterarguments?

  • Complete Discussion Preparation 2 with your character group.
  • After you complete Discussion Preparation 2, list and answer any additional discussion questions that illuminate the role of Christianity in Igbo society in your Notebook.

Open Notebook

A different speaker will represent your group this discussion.

Christianity and the Igbo People

Work Time

Send your representative to the inner circle for the discussion! Whether you are speaking or listening, you should pay close attention and take notes in order to be able to analyze the discussion later. Remember that outer circle participants are responsible for active listening, note taking, and evaluation of the discussion. Use Outer Circle Tasks 2 for your notes.

  • Is Christianity a good thing for the Igbo people? Should they adopt it? (You might consider analyzing the questions below first, to help you frame your answer to this one.)
  • Whom, or what, does Christianity seem to value?
  • Whom, or what, does traditional Igbo culture and religion value?
  • What do individuals gain or lose by converting to Christianity?
  • What does the community gain and lose when individuals convert?
  • Which is more dangerous for the Igbo people—converting, or keeping their own culture and religion? Why?

Discussion Debrief


Complete a Quick Write.

  • What do you think are the most important positive and negative effects of Christianity for the Igbo people?
  • Do you think your representative fairly portrayed your character’s interests? Explain.

Open Notebook

Things Fall Apart


Read Chapters 20 and 21 of Things Fall Apart. Add to Personal Glossary as you read.

As you read, look for specific things that the British have done to gain power, control, and converts in Umuofia.

  • How many distinct strategies can you find—and which seem to be the most effective?

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