Group Discussion

Discussion Protocol

Work Time

Review the following discussion protocol with your teacher. Ask any questions you have.

This discussion will be very similar to the other two, with representatives from each character group in the inner circle and everyone else observing from the outer circle. However, there will be a few key differences.

  • Your teacher will take less of a role in facilitating this discussion. You and your classmates will bear most of the responsibility. Remember to build on each other’s ideas, to ask each other questions, and to use references to the text to support your arguments.
  • This discussion is inherently more antagonistic than the other two, as characters will be blaming each other for what has gone wrong. Even as your characters blame each other, try to maintain a positive and respectful tone.
  • In the last few minutes of the discussion, you may step out of character and give your own opinion. Think about whether your opinion was influenced by reading through the eyes of your character.