A Review On Character's Self Image

A Review On Character's Self Image

Character Traits


Complete the following two sentences.

  • The most important thing [my character] knows about [him- or herself] is __.
  • The most important thing others see about [my character] is __.

Open Notebook

Share your responses with your classmates.

Your Character Narrative Requirements

Mind Map

Work Time

Take some time with your character group to reflect on the inner and outer qualities of your character.

  • Using chart paper, create a mind map that shows what your character sees about him- or herself, and what others see about him or her.

Be sure to refer to specific incidents and quotations from the text.

Then share your work with your classmates and browse through their mind maps. What do you notice?

Planning Options

Work Time

Now that you have reviewed some of the most important qualities of your character and the events in the text that reveal those qualities, take some time to plan for your narrative.

  • Use the Planning Options on the next screen to brainstorm, collect ideas, and plan what details from the text you will use. Look through the different options and choose the ones that will work best for you.
  • You can also use your Notebook to brainstorm, map your ideas, and plan.

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You Have a Choice
In this class, you will sometimes have a choice of how you want to complete your assignments. You can choose to complete this task independently or with a partner.

Your Message


What do you want readers to come away from your narrative understanding?

  • Write the message of your narrative in one or two clear sentences.

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Share this with your teacher.

College Admission Essays


Read the sample College Admissions Essays. As you read, notice and annotate for the following things.

  • What character strengths do you notice in each narrator?
  • What weaknesses or flaws do you notice in each narrator?
  • What conflict does each narrator face, and what do they learn from these conflicts?
  • What do the writers do that you particularly like or dislike?