Readers Impression

Peer Response Groups

Work Time

Your work with your group today is very important: this is the final edit that you’ll get before your narrative is ready for publication. You’ll follow a similar procedure to your previous work with your group, with each writer reading his or her work aloud as the editors follow along. This time, you’re focusing on word choice, language use, and readability.

  • Identify any sentences, phrasings, and so on, that you particularly like: they may say a lot in few words; they may show something important about the characters, conflicts, or themes; or they may just resonate with you for some reason. Write a comment explaining why you like these phrases.
  • Identify anything that you find a little confusing or that you are unsure about. These could be places where the writer needs to be more specific, or needs to say something more clearly, or where you think the grammar or spelling may be incorrect. Write a comment explaining your confusion.
  • Identify examples of strong, descriptive language or active verbs.
  • Underline any spelling or grammatical errors that you notice.
  • Identify any changes you see from the previous draft that you particularly like.

After the reading and giving feedback, each group member should give one piece of “warm” feedback and one piece of “cool” feedback to the writer.