Final Revision

Your Character Narrative

Work Time

Work on your final revision of Your Character Narrative. If you finish one of the Work Time options, you may move on to another. When you’re ready, look through the extension options on the next screen to see if any appeal to you.

  • Write, write, write: I have a good sense of what I need to accomplish and I will use all the time available to finish writing my final draft.
  • Peer conference: I have been working with a classmate who I believe will be able to give me more useful feedback as I put the finishing touches on my revision. We will read each other’s work and talk through changes, then write.
  • Descriptive language, active verbs, and rhythm: I believe that my draft is strong in structure and development, and I want to enhance my language use. I will revise for active verbs, descriptive language, and sentence rhythm, using the protocol we practiced in Lesson 19:
    • Underline uses of the verb “to be” and consider if there is a stronger way to convey the same meaning.
    • Indicate examples of active verbs.
    • Indicate examples of descriptive language.
    • Mark the end of each sentence with slashes (/). Look at the sentence length: is it varied? What thoughts or ideas are emphasized due to sentences that “pop” or stand out? What kind of mood does the sentence structure create?
    • Look back at what you have discovered about your writing. What changes can you make to strengthen it?
  • Language use: I believe that my draft is strong, but I am unsure about my language use. I will use the work we did in Lesson 22 to edit my final draft for grammar and conventions.
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