Final Revision

Extension Options

Work Time

Congratulations! You’ve completed Your Character Narrative. Now, you can enhance your work with a variety of extension options. Read through the following choices and see if any appeal to you.

  • Cover and illustrations: Create a cover and several illustrations for your narrative. Your cover should convey something about the message of your work, perhaps using symbolism; the illustrations should depict important scenes from the work.
  • Poetry or song lyrics: Write a poem or the lyrics to a song about a theme that appears in your narrative.
  • Letter: Write a letter from your character to any other person who appears in your narrative, explaining your character’s actions, providing your thoughts about his or her actions, and asking any questions you might have about their motivations or actions.
  • Other: Do you have a creative idea to enrich your work? Clear it with your teacher, and then have fun!
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