Essay Critical Review

Essay Critical Review

Requests for Feedback


Think about the progress you have made so far on your draft. What would you most like your group members to help you with today?

  • List 1–3 questions or requests for feedback.

Open Notebook

Peer Response Groups

Work Time

Today’s group work is very similar to the previous peer response work. All group members share their work electronically with the whole group and then, in turn, each member will do the following steps.

  • Request 1–3 specific areas he or she would like the group’s help. Possible requests include the following:
    • Language use (verb choice, sentence length, descriptive language, and so on)
    • Communication of the message
    • Clarity and/or effectiveness of introduction and/or conclusion
    • Character development
    • Portrayal of conflict and/or growth
    • Other—anything you want help with!
  • Read his or her work aloud.
  • Receive feedback from the group.

Remember to keep your comments useful and constructive.

Most Useful Feedback


Complete a Quick Write.

  • What was the most useful feedback you received from your group?
  • List the changes you plan to make in your revision.

Open Notebook

Your Personal Narrative


Consider the feedback you received and the changes you plan to make to your revision.

  • Work on your revision. You will have one more lesson to work on it in class.