Group Feedback

Unit Reflection

Work Time

Reflect on the work you and your classmates did during this unit. What themes came across in multiple pieces of writing? Think about how you and your classmates addressed some of the same themes that Chinua Achebe did in his work, and answer the following questions.

  • What themes came across in multiple pieces of writing?
  • Of these themes, which resonated most with you? Choose one.
  • How did Achebe’s work make you think about this theme differently? What about your own and your classmates’ work?
  • In what ways were Achebe’s work and your class’s work similar in addressing this theme? How did you address this theme differently?
  • Are there any universal lessons or statements to be made about this theme? Are there ways in which each experience is different in relation to this theme?
  • What new insights do you have after reading Achebe’s and your classmates’ work, and completing your own? What would you like to remember from this unit in the coming years?

Open Notebook

Share your reflection with your teacher.