Ancient Greek play by Sophocles

About Antigone


Answer the following questions and submit your responses to your teacher.

  • What is your initial impression of Creon and his leadership?
  • What statements in the Justice: Take a Stand survey have bearing on what you’ve read so far?
  • Laws are made to help create order in society, and so they must be obeyed.
  • All persons are equal under the law; whether rich or poor, they will receive the same treatment under the law.
  • Each person who breaks a law must suffer the consequences with reasonable punishment.
  • Morality cannot be legislated.
  • It is sometimes justifiable to break a law.
  • The best way to change an unjust law is through civil disobedience—to break the law.
  • The bodies of all dead soldiers should be treated honorably, even those of enemies.

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