Reading Groups

Reading Groups

Questions About Antigone


Consider the questions you came up with during the Closing of Lesson 4 about the last section of the play you read.

  • Share your questions with a partner.
  • Decide which questions you would like to have the whole group address. Then share your questions with the whole group.

The Ending of Antigone

Work Time

Continue reading Antigone .

  • Read from Teiresias’s entrance (line 967) to the end of the play.
  • In your annotations, trace whether and how Creon’s and Antigone’s attitudes change.

Vocabulary in Antigone

Work Time

Note any unknown words in Antigone .

  • Work with a partner to look up definitions and rewrite them in your own words.

Open Notebook

Independent Reading Groups

Work Time

Today you will meet in your Independent Reading Groups for the first time. Everyone in your group will read the same novel.

Establish roles for each person in today’s meeting. For example, if you have four members in your group, you could divide the roles as follows.

  • One person can lead the meeting to make sure all are heard.
  • Another person can keep track of time, saving 3–5 minutes for summarizing at the end of today’s period.
  • A third person should take notes and share them with the whole group and the teacher.
  • A fourth person should help coordinate dates for virtual conversations and deadlines for reading.

Independent Reading Groups


Wrap up your meeting with your Independent Reading Group.

  • Summarize your agreements in your Independent Reading Group and submit your notes to your teacher.
  • Submit any questions you have and your first two journal entries to your teacher.

Open Notebook

Independent Reading


Finish reading Antigone if you didn’t finish during class.

Continue your ongoing homework assignment.

  • Read your Independent Reading Group Novel.
  • Remember to submit two journal entries a week to your teacher and publish some of your journal entries so others can read your work.