Technology and Culture

Technology and Culture

Intro to Unit Accomplishments


Below are the projects you will complete for your Unit Accomplishments. Yay

1. You will write an argument essay where you develop a claim about current culture as it has been influenced by digital connectivity.

2. You will also participate in a group project to create a museum exhibit that captures your unique place, time, and relationship to technology. Just as you might visit a museum exhibit to learn about cultures that are foreign to you because they’re from a different time or place, someone could visit your exhibit to learn about your unique time and place in history. Your exhibit will acknowledge the different arguments each team member crafted during the essay process of the unit and then use these perspectives to synthesize one cohesive visual argument together.

  • Keep considering this question as you think about the Unit Accomplishments: what unique culture has technology produced in your generation?
  • Create a document to compile notes for the Unit Accomplishments. As you work through the lessons in this unit, add any notes that could be helpful into this document.

Open Notebook

Then share any questions you have about the essay or the museum exhibit.

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