Challenges of the Digital World

Survey Analysis

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In your museum exhibit teams, read the “AT&T; Teen Driver Survey Executive Summary” together. This survey attempts to isolate the factors that lead teens to engage in texting while they’re driving and offers some potential solutions to lessen the problem. It’s highly relevant to your work on digital culture because the texting and driving problem is a great example of an area in which people’s urge to connect often outweighs their better judgment.

Discuss the questions below and write down key ideas and insights as needed. For the last two questions, be sure to note a quotation or a piece of data from the survey to support your ideas.

  • What do the words fielded ,survey , andrespondent mean?
  • What are the biggest predictors of whether a teenager will text and drive?
  • What does the survey tell you about the difference between what teens believe about the dangers of texting and driving and what they choose to do when they are actually driving?
  • How do the visual representations of the information in the article help you understand teenagers’ motivations when they make decisions about texting and driving?
  • What does this survey tell you about Digital Natives’ urge to connect constantly with each other?

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