Treatment Modalities

Review Questions

A treatment modality in which 5–10 people with the same issue or concern meet together with a trained clinician is known as ________.

  1. family therapy
  2. couples therapy
  3. group therapy
  4. self-help group



What happens during an intake?

  1. The therapist gathers specific information to address the client’s immediate needs such as the presenting problem, the client’s support system, and insurance status. The therapist informs the client about confidentiality, fees, and what to expect in a therapy session.
  2. The therapist guides what happens in the therapy session and designs a detailed approach to resolving each member’s presenting problem.
  3. The therapist meets with a couple to help them see how their individual backgrounds, beliefs, and actions are affecting their relationship.
  4. The therapist examines and discusses with the family the boundaries and structure of the family: For example, who makes the rules, who sleeps in the bed with whom, and how decisions are made.