Using Negative and Absolute Numbers

Temperatures in Barrow, Alaska

Work Time

Temperatures in Barrow, Alaska

The table shows some low temperatures recorded in Barrow, Alaska, during a 12-month period. Use the table to answer these questions.

  • What is the coldest temperature?
  • How far below 0°F is the coldest temperature?
  • What is the difference between the lowest and highest temperatures, in degrees? Explain how you know.
  • When did you use a negative number and when did you use the absolute value of a number?

Ask yourself:

  • Represent the temperatures on a number line. Where is the coldest temperature?
  • Can you represent distance using a negative number or using an absolute value?
  • How many degrees above 0°F is the highest temperature?
  • How many degrees below 0°F is the lowest temperature?
  • How many degrees are between the highest and lowest temperatures?