Expressing Ratios Numerically

Prepare a Presentation

Work Time

Prepare a Presentation

You arranged your sets of paint ratio cards from least to greatest in Task 3.

  • Show how you grouped the cards and how you put the sets in order.
  • Include an explanation of the method(s) you used.

Challenge Problem

A painter mixes 15-fluid-ounce samples of red, yellow, and brown paint in the ratio of 1 to 3 to 2 in order to check that the resulting color is right for his mural. This sample mixture contains 90 fluid ounces (6 × 15 fluid ounces).

  • For the mural, the painter needs 360 fluid ounces of paint in the same ratio (1:3:2). How many more fluid ounces of each color does he need?

Ask yourself:

How could you put the ratios on the cards in the same format to make them easier to compare?