Volume Formula For Rectangular Prisms

Find the Volume of Prisms

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Find the Volume of Prisms

When a rectangular prism has whole-number edge dimensions, you can find its volume using the formula V = l ⋅ w ⋅ h, where l, w, and h represent the length, width, and height of the prism. Investigate whether this formula works even if the dimensions are not whole numbers.

Use the 14-unit cubes to build a prism with a length of 114 units, a width of 34units, and a height of 12 unit.

  • How many 14-unit cubes fit inside the prism?
  • What is the volume of the prism?
  • Does the volume formula
    V = l ⋅ w ⋅ h (or V = lwh) work for this prism?



How many 14 -unit cubes fit inside a 1-unit cube?