Reviewing How Data Affects A Histogram

Explore Histogram Bin Widths

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Explore Histogram Bin Widths

Explore making histograms with the Histogram interactive by playing with a set of data and bin sizes. You can make the bins wider or narrower, and you can add or remove data from the table.

  • Create a set of data so that the histogram has an empty bin (and/or adjust the bin width to create an empty bin).
  • Enter your data about a sixth grade student. Adjust the bin width to see how the histogram changes.
  • What happens if you make the bin width 1?
  • What happens if you make the bin width equal to the range of your line plot?
  • Make a set of data with an outlier giving you more than one empty bin on the histogram. Now adjust the bin width to "hide" the outlier.



  • Can you move the data points but keep the number of points in each interval the same?
  • Can you adjust the bin width?