A state might hold a primary instead of a caucus because a primary is ________.

  1. inexpensive and simple
  2. transparent and engages local voters
  3. faster and has higher turnout
  4. highly active and promotes dialog during voting

Which of the following citizens is most likely to run for office?

  1. Maria Trejo, a 28-year-old part-time sonogram technician and mother of two
  2. Jeffrey Lyons, a 40-year-old lawyer and father of one
  3. Linda Tepsett, a 40-year-old full-time orthopedic surgeon
  4. Mark Forman, a 70-year-old retired steelworker



Where and when do Electoral College electors vote?

  1. at their precinct, on Election Day
  2. at their state capitol, on Election Day
  3. in their state capitol, in December
  4. in Washington D.C., in December

In which type of election are you most likely to see coattail effects?

  1. presidential
  2. midterm
  3. special
  4. caucuses



What problems will candidates experience with frontloading?

Why have fewer moderates won primaries than they used to?


Candidates with extreme viewpoints gain media attention, and primary voters are more ideologically motivated than voters in other elections.

How do political parties influence the state’s primary system?

Why do parties prefer closed primaries to open primaries?


Closed primaries do not allow voters affiliated with other parties to vote, thus keeping the decision inside the party.