The Design and Evolution of the Presidency

Many at the Continental Congress were skeptical of allowing presidents to be directly elected by the legislature because ________.

  1. they were worried about giving the legislature too much power
  2. they feared the opportunities created for corruption
  3. they knew the weaknesses of an electoral college
  4. they worried about subjecting the commander-in-chief to public scrutiny



Which of the following is a way George Washington expanded the power of the presidency?

  1. He refused to run again after serving two terms.
  2. He appointed the heads of various federal departments as his own advisors.
  3. He worked with the Senate to draft treaties with foreign countries.
  4. He submitted his neutrality proclamation to the Senate for approval.

How did presidents who served in the decades directly after Washington expand the powers of the presidency?


John Adams expanded the war powers by waging undeclared war, Thomas Jefferson negotiated the purchase of Louisiana from France, and James Monroe took direct control of foreign policymaking when he issued the Monroe Doctrine.

What factors contributed to the growth of presidential power in the twentieth century?