Sensory Processes

Free Response

If a person sustains damage to axons leading from sensory receptors to the central nervous system, which step or steps of sensory perception will be affected?


Transmission of sensory information from the receptor to the central nervous system will be impaired, and thus, perception of stimuli, which occurs in the brain, will be halted.

In what way does the overall magnitude of a stimulus affect the just-noticeable difference in the perception of that stimulus?


The just-noticeable difference is a fraction of the overall magnitude of the stimulus and seems to be a relatively fixed proportion (such as 10 percent) whether the stimulus is large (such as a very heavy object) or small (such as a very light object).

Describe the difference in the localization of the sensory receptors for general and special senses in humans.


General sensory receptors are located throughout the body in the skin and internal organs. Conversely, special senses are all located in the head region, and require specialized organs.