Review Questions

Why do people over 55 often need reading glasses?

  1. Their cornea no longer focuses correctly.
  2. Their lens no longer focuses correctly.
  3. Their eyeball has elongated with age, causing images to focus in front of their retina.
  4. Their retina has thinned with age, making vision more difficult.



Why is it easier to see images at night using peripheral, rather than the central, vision?

  1. Cones are denser in the periphery of the retina.
  2. Bipolar cells are denser in the periphery of the retina.
  3. Rods are denser in the periphery of the retina.
  4. The optic nerve exits at the periphery of the retina.



A person catching a ball must coordinate her head and eyes. What part of the brain is helping to do this?

  1. hypothalamus
  2. pineal gland
  3. thalamus
  4. superior colliculus



A satellite is launched into space, but explodes after exiting the Earth’s atmosphere. Which statement accurately reflects the observations made by an astronaut on a space walk outside the International Space Station during the explosion?

  1. The astronaut would see the explosion, but would not hear a boom.
  2. The astronaut will not sense the explosion.
  3. The astronaut will see the explosion, and then hear the boom.
  4. The astronaut will feel the concussive force of the explosion, but will not see it.