The Umuofian Justice System

Fair's Fair


What is “fair”? How do we decide what a just or equitable consequence is?

Read “Fair’s Fair.” Then answer the following questions.

  • Which option would you choose and why?
  • Would your answer change if the boys weren’t friends? If cell phones weren’t prohibited in school? If Jamie hadn’t been insulting Andrew, but instead Andrew had grabbed the bag unprovoked? If Andrew had known the cell phone was in the bag?
  • Have you ever been treated unfairly or seen someone treated unfairly? Why did you feel the treatment was unfair?
  • When thinking about fairness, what matters most—punishing the person who did wrong, making amends to the victim, preventing further wrongdoing? Explain.
  • How do we decide what’s fair, and who gets to make that decision? What gives someone the right to decide on justice or consequences?

Open Notebook

Share your responses with your classmates. How would you say you and your classmates decide what’s fair?