Debating The Fairness Of The Umuofian Society

Discussion of Umuofian Society

Work Time

Follow your teacher’s instructions to begin the discussion. Remember that “outer circle” participants are responsible for active listening, note taking, and evaluation of the discussion. Use Outer Circle Tasks 1 for your notes.

  • What does it mean to have a “fair” society? Whose needs and wants should be prioritized? How should decisions be made? What kinds of things should be punished, and how should punishments be decided?
  • By your character’s definition, is Umuofian society fair?
  • What, or whom, does Umuofian society value? Who wins and who loses in such a value system?
  • Is Okonkwo a pillar of the community, or a troublemaker?
  • Is Okonkwo’s punishment just, and is it just for his family to be punished with him?
  • What needs changing in Umuofian society, and what should stay as is?