Debating The Fairness Of The Umuofian Society

Debating The Fairness Of The Umuofian Society

Productive Group Discussions


Think back to conversations you have had that have been particularly productive or unproductive. What behaviors led to the conversations being this way?

  • Compile two lists: one of behaviors you see as “conversation starters” and one of behaviors that you see as “conversation stoppers.”

Open Notebook

Share your thoughts with your classmates.

Discussion Protocol

Work Time

Learn about class discussions.

  • Review the Discussion Protocol, Grade 12 Discussion Rubric, and Discussion Sentence Frames with your teacher.
  • Ask any questions you have.

Remember, though some students will not be speaking in today’s discussion, everyone is responsible for active participation (listening, note taking, evaluating the speakers) and everyone will eventually get a turn in the “inner circle”!

Discussion Preparation

Work Time

Prepare for the class discussion with your groups.

  • Complete Discussion Preparation 1 if you have not already done so. Make sure that you have found textual references (quotations) that can help you answer these questions. Your Dialectical Journals are a great place to look!
  • List and answer any additional discussion questions that your group comes up with in your Notebook.

Open Notebook

Remember that although only one person from your group will be in the “inner circle,” everyone in your group is responsible for the preparation.

Discussion of Umuofian Society

Work Time

Follow your teacher’s instructions to begin the discussion. Remember that “outer circle” participants are responsible for active listening, note taking, and evaluation of the discussion. Use Outer Circle Tasks 1 for your notes.

  • What does it mean to have a “fair” society? Whose needs and wants should be prioritized? How should decisions be made? What kinds of things should be punished, and how should punishments be decided?
  • By your character’s definition, is Umuofian society fair?
  • What, or whom, does Umuofian society value? Who wins and who loses in such a value system?
  • Is Okonkwo a pillar of the community, or a troublemaker?
  • Is Okonkwo’s punishment just, and is it just for his family to be punished with him?
  • What needs changing in Umuofian society, and what should stay as is?

Discussion Debrief


Complete a Quick Write.

  • What did you, individually and as a class, do well during this discussion? What could be improved next time?
  • How did your group’s representative do at revealing your character’s thoughts and beliefs? Would you have done anything differently?
  • How do you, yourself (not your character) feel about Umuofian society? Are there points that you particularly agreed or disagreed with in the discussion?

Open Notebook

Personal Journal - Entry #8 and Things Fall Apart


Complete another personal journal entry.

  • What similarities and differences do you see between your community and Umuofia? What aspects of each do you prefer?

Open Notebook

For your community group, write an explanation of how your character would react to Okonkwo’s punishment. Respond to at least one other character’s entry.

Read Chapters 14 and 15 of Things Fall Apart. Add to your Personal Glossary as you read.