Descriptive Language

College Admissions Essay Analysis

Work Time

With your Independent Reading group, go through the college admissions essay you selected. Look for examples of active verbs and strong, descriptive language; what do these examples show you about what the writer is trying to communicate?

  • Underline uses of the verb “to be” and consider if there is a stronger way to convey the same meaning.
  • Indicate examples of active verbs.
  • Indicate examples of descriptive language.
  • Mark the end of each sentence with slashes (/). Look at the sentence length: is it varied? What thoughts or ideas are emphasized due to sentences that “pop” or stand out? What kind of mood does the sentence structure create?
  • Write a note explaining what you think the message of this essay is.

Then, share what you see as the strongest examples of descriptive language and active verbs with your classmates. What do you notice about the examples your classmates shared?