Revising Your Paper

Revising Your Paper



Think about what you have left to accomplish and answer the questions below.

  • What are some realistic goals you can set for this work period?
  • What support do you need from your teacher or your classmates to accomplish these goals?

Open Notebook

When you have finished, share your thoughts with the class.

Independent Writing

Work Time

  • Use this time as efficiently as you can to work on your revision.
  • You can use your writing group as a resource for quick questions, and you can submit questions to your teacher for an individual conference.

You Have a Choice
First, determine how you will approach the work. You can choose to work independently, work with a partner, work with a group, or confer with your teacher.

Reflection on Final Steps


  • What was the most important change you made to your work today?
  • What steps do you need to accomplish to finish by the next lesson?

Open Notebook

Final Paper Revision


  • Finish your revision of your paper. It is due in the next lesson.