Group Sharing

Group Sharing

Independent Essay Reflection


Look through your paper, considering the following questions.

  • Where do you think you did a particularly good job in your paper?
    • Did you have strong audience appeal?
    • Did you use convincing reasoning and evidence?
    • Did you address counterclaims?
  • Then look for a section of your paper that demonstrates this excellence.

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Group Example Analysis

Work Time

In your group, read your chosen passages aloud.

After you listen to each student’s work, comment on any aspects of the writing that you find convincing.

  • Together, choose one or two outstanding selections from among your group’s papers to share with the class.

Discussion of Examples

Work Time

A representative from each group will read the group’s favorite passages, explaining whether each passage demonstrates audience appeal, evidence and reasoning, or counterclaims.

As you listen, reflect on the questions below.

  • What do these passages have in common?
  • What can they show us about convincing arguments?

Class Discussion of the Unit

Work Time

Use your reflection to discuss the following questions.

  • What has changed in your views over the course of this unit?
  • Do you think differently about America? How?
  • Do you think differently about arguing?
  • Do you think differently about what it means to be part of a modern teenage audience?
  • Finally, answer the Guiding Questions using what you've learned during the unit to inform your answers.
    • What has been the historical vision of the American Dream?
    • What should the American Dream be? (What should we as individuals and as a nation aspire to?)
    • How would women, former slaves, and other disenfranchised groups living during the time these documents were written respond to them?

Journal Entry 10


Compose Journal Entry 10: write your final journal entry of the unit on the questions below.

  • What have you learned about yourself as a student while completing this unit?
  • What would you like to carry forward to the rest of the school year?
  • What would you like to change?

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