Dialectical Journal

Dialectical Journal

The Things They Carried Share


  • Share your annotations from the homework with your partner.
  • Work together to clear up any confusion about the story.
  • If you chose different important passages, discuss your choices and try to reach agreement about which parts of the story are most essential.
  • Share your responses to the questions from the previous Lesson:
    • How does the narrator feel about the men in the story? How do you know?
    • What specific pieces from the text support your thinking?
    • What big ideas or thematic ideas are expressed in this paragraph?

Dialectical Journal Entry

Work Time

Follow your teacher's instructions to create at least one Dialectical Journal entry.

  • Create a Short Stories Dialectical Journal using the column headings in the sample.
  • Choose a phrase or one sentence from the passage you just read.
  • Write about why you think that passage is important to the whole text.

When you finish, share your ideas with the class, making sure to refer back to the text for evidence and support.

Comments and Questions


Follow your teacher's directions to share your Short Stories Dialectical Journal entry with your group.

  • Respond to your classmates' entries with a positive comment or question.

The Things They Carried Reflection


Complete a Quick Write on the following topic.

  • What does O’Brien’s story tell us about America or the American experience during the time period in which it is set?

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