Ideas Presentation

Ideas Presentation

Presentation Preparation


  • Take a moment to organize your notes and prepare to give your presentation to the class.
  • Remember, the main purpose of the paper is to compare and contrast how each author reflected the America of the time in each of the short stories. Be sure you address this idea in your presentation.

Essay Presentations

Work Time

Share your essay presentation.

  • As you listen to your classmates, make notes on any new ideas that occur to you. Even at the end of a unit, your thinking will continue to develop.

Open Notebook

Unit Reflection


Take time to respond in writing to the following questions.

  • What paper presentation did you find most interesting? Why?
  • What have you learned during this unit about the American short story?
  • What did you learn from working in groups?
  • What did you learn from making and viewing presentations and papers?

Finally, answer the Guiding Questions using what you've learned during the unit to inform your answers.

  • If you were to write a short story about this decade, what issues might you focus on?
  • What defines a short story? Just length?
  • To what extent do these stories reflect the era or decade in which they were written?
  • To what extent are the themes they address universal?

Open Notebook

When you finish responding to these questions, submit your writing to your teacher.