Scene Preparation & Memorization

Scene Preparation & Memorization

Argument Development

Work Time

Now that you have your teacher’s response to your Perfect Paragraph, think about how you might edit the paragraph so it provides the best possible support for your essay’s main argument.

Next, come up with three arguments that will help you prove your essay’s main idea.

Share with your partner your ideas for your three arguments as well as the editing of the Perfect Paragraph. Help each other to make sure that these arguments are sound.

Here are some things to consider.

  • Is each of your three ideas different and unique?
  • Do your ideas address the questions or prompt that you’ve chosen?
  • Do they make sense in the context of the play?
  • Can they be proven with examples from the play for support?
  • Is this discussion going beyond plot summary?

Essay Organization

Work Time

Now that you have your three arguments in mind, as well as edits you can make to your Perfect Paragraph, begin to organize your essay. Flesh out the next few paragraphs.

  • Start to include quotes from the text to prove your points, and be sure to write down the act, scene, and line numbers.
  • Remember, you will need many quotes from the text for support in each paragraph.

Open Notebook

The Prompt Book Project

Work Time

Put your essay draft away for today and have a group discussion of the Prompt Book project. This project will be handed in on the day that you perform your scene. This is the last time you will have in the full class format to have your questions answered.

As you review with your class, keep in mind the following.

  • Your scene for the Prompt Book project is the same scene that contains your memorized passage.
  • Your Prompt Book needs to include at least three of the major prompt book elements, such as script, blocking, and a copy of the ground plan for the stage.
  • Be as specific as you can! If you are chosen as a director, your actors will be relying on your directions.
  • Your Prompt Book is due on the day you perform your memorized lines for the class.

The Final Rehearsal


This is your final dress rehearsal, so to speak, for your performance project. Presentations will begin during the next lesson.

  • Take turns rehearsing your lines with your partner, and help each other out.
  • Do you have any tricks or strategies that have helped you memorize your own lines? Share them with your partner.

Final Memorization Preparations